frog | she/her | 19y/o |🌈


hiya! I'm a digital illustrator from Trinidad and Tobago. I draw silly little animals and do a whole lot lot of character design.I'm trying to aim to become an animator, 3d artist or make storyboards in the future, but in the meantime I'm just chilling and drawing what I like :)


  • payment to be made in full after a send the initial sketch through a paypal invoicing or kofi payment

  • all prices in USD.

  • I do not draw nsfw whatsoever.

  • my style (incl. lines, colouring, etc.) may vary! if you want a specific style of mine, you may opt to screenshot a past work of mine and include that in your order.

  • I will do minor fixes (e.g. change hair colour, adding accessories) if it was my mistake for free, but any minor or major changes not specified during order placement may incur an extra fee, and I reserve the right to refuse to make said changes.

  • direct message frogrye @ reddit, twitter or discord (frogrye#0848)

  • email me at [email protected]


COST - $15

  • bite sized and perfect for your pocket

  • complex characters adds to cost


COST - $20

  • style tends to be pretty sporadic here, these are the more detailed, including shading varied line weight and colour

  • no coloured background included (unless asked)


COST - $70+

  • a detailed reference sheet of your character, consisting of 2 sides (back and front of character), a headshot and 5 distinct features (accessories, paw pattern, eye colour, different clothing etc.)

  • additional costs may apply.

  • requires a lot of back and forth from commissioner


COST - $35

  • style varies

  • additional characters in one piece +$15.

  • background +$10



  • Payment will be taken up front before I start. (via paypal invoice)

  • I will send a sketch you must approve before I move on to colouring the piece.

  • I have the right to decline any commission or custom prompt for any reason.

  • I have the right to cancel commissions at any time due to issues that may arise. Refunds will be appropriately issued.

  • I will give you a rough estimated completion time once your order is confirmed (generally a week). If that time has elapsed or if I feel I need more time, I will message you and, depending on my current circumstance, ask for an extension.


  • All payments are in USD through PayPal unless otherwise specified.

  • I will send an invoice for payment. Please do not send any payments prior, as they will be refunded.

  • I currently do not offer payment plans (may change in the future if prices go up). Full payment is due upon invoicing.

  • I do not offer refunds for finished / completed commissions unless there is significant reason. I will not issue any refunds at all until the customer discusses it with me.


  • You may re-upload the work done for them to any site, as long as it is properly credited and linked back to my site/s. (reddit or twitter @frogrye)

  • Once a commission is completed, you may use it only for personal use including but not limited to: icons, signatures, layouts, wallpapers, themes, and personal site display. Above credit rules still apply.

  • The commissioner/respective owner retains the rights to their IP (the character).

  • You may not claim the work (art, design, etc.) to be your own.